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I, Francis Slinsky, Founder and Director of Mary’s Way Worldwide Apostolate, have personally confirmed and witnessed over 20 miracles through Father David who is my Personal Spiritual Director. Please meet Father David as he has presented himself and when quotation marks appear, what he has actually said.

Father David’s Early Life

  • Father David as an infant was a very sickly child in Italy. His uncle who was a priest working in Rome near the Vatican, heard about Padre Pio. He brought his nephew, young David, to Padre Pio hoping for a miraculous healing of his very severe brain disease. After several surgeries on little David, the doctors didn’t give much hope for young David to live.

  • Father David later recounted “half of the brain was OK and the other half was like no good, like detached and very soft.  Part of my skull bone on the back of my head was missing!”  The condition stunted his growth and was very painful.  He was two and a half years old then in the 1950’s.
  • This photograph of young David taken at the time shows Padre Pio lovingly talking to young David. Father David later recounted: “Padre Pio was praying for me”. Padre Pio loved this little boy very much.
  • Padre Pio upon seeing David cried and cried over the severe condition of little David. David recalls what Padre Pio had said of him, “why my child, you were suffering like that, for a long time.”
  • "After much prayer over me" Father David said, "Father Pio brought me, along with the Capuchin brothers and my uncle … closed the whole church … to pray special prayers over me, and a special Mass.… After the Mass, he came down to me, I was sitting down in the middle of the church … and he was praying with Jesus Christ!   He scared me … I remember he was touching all around my head with the hands … I started feeling … burning. Like blood coming out from my head. It was very painful.  I started healing little by little …”
  • Young David was invited by Padre Pio’s family to live with them near San Giovanni Rotondo. David visited the Monastary all the time.  He spent whole days there. After his cure, and after his hair started growing, David recounts how to told the Brothers in Padre Pio's Capuchin Monastery that he "wanting to have his hair cut, like Padre Pio!” The Brother in the Monastery did as young David asked, but seeing bumps on his head, asked, “Why do you have so much marks on your head?” It was in reference to the bumps David had on his head. They counted the bumps and found as many bumps on his head, as the beads on the Rosary! He remembers their saying: “PADRE PIO PUT ROSARY BEADS ALL AROUND YOUR HEAD!"  The Priests told me "that it meant, you are completely healed!" He says he immediately ran to Padre Pio to thank him. Padre Pio smiled and said of David’s haircut “Now you look just like me!” To this day, more than 50 years later, Father David still has the Rosary bead bumps around his head as shown in the recent photo taken by Francis Slinsky.

  • During this time and for the next 15 years, Padre Pio’s two sisters and nieces took care of little David. Little David lived with Padre Pio’s family. They were so very poor that they all slept on the floor, Father David reports.
  • Young David was always with Padre Pio. Padre Pio very fondly asked young David to call him “Nono” which means “Grandfather” in Italian. So young David always called Padre Pio “Grandfather!” (“Nono”).
  • David made his First Holy Communion with Padre Pio at the age of seven.  Padre Pio is shown in this photo descending the steps of Our Lady of Grace Church in San Giovanni Rotondo to meet with the children receiving their First Holy Communion from Padre Pio!  Here, Padre Pio is handing young David (in the lower right corner) a Holy Card for his First Holy Communion!


  • Young David made his Confirmation with Padre Pio who was David’s personal Godfather and Sponsor! It was at this time that Padre Pio told David: “YOU ARE GOING TO BE JUST LIKE ME."
  • Young David remembers asking, “In which way?!!!” to which Padre Pio responded, “IN EVERY WAY!!”
  • David became a Capuchin priest just like Padre Pio.
  • David got the Stigmata that Padre Pio told him he would be getting, one year after Padre Pio died in 1969.  It is important to note that Father David’s Stigmata often has the sweet fragrance of roses, lilies, and violets, the so called “Odor of Sanctity” that Padre Pio always had.  Father David’s Stigmata becomes more intense during the season of Advent, Christmas, and throughout Holy Week when he has the full Stigmata. At these times, Father David spends whole days in prayer and seven hours in prayer in the Chapel. During Holy Week and especially on Good Friday, Father David loses great quantities of blood and often has to stay in bed.

  • Photo taken several years ago of Father David's stigmata during Holy Week.


  • Photo taken November 2013 of Father David’s left hand showing stigmata.



  • Photo taken November 2013 of Father David’s Stigmata showing his right hand.
  • Father David sees the future somewhat like Padre Pio.
  • He spiritually bilocates somewhat like Padre Pio.
  • Father David sees Our Lord. This miraculous photograph taken by Father Davis with Jesus’ permission shows A REAL PHOTO OF JESUS WEEPING TEARS OF BLOOD for the great many sins of the world!  Notice the blood in the white of Jesus’ eyes and the blood streaming down Jesus’ face! Also notice that left side of the photo alongside Jesus’ mouth is like "a projection" with the wall of wood behind Jesus partially projecting through Our Lord’s face!

  • The photo below shows Father David very intensely praying for the people he says Masses for on Apparition Hill in Medjugorje where 3 wonderful Miracles occurred!  The First Miracle is:  Jesus appeared to Father David at the 3 o’clock Divine Mercy Hour, while Father was praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet. Jesus appeared over Father in an immense, miraculous, very brilliant burst of white light in the clear blue sky! Notice the small jagged edged blue sky in the upper left corner is the only thing left of the blue sky.  The Second Miracle is:  that the sun is impossibly on this side of the mountain, and that the sun cannot set low at 3 o’ clock in the afternoon.  This is not the sunit is the most brilliant light over Jesus' head - the actual Light of God!  JESUS HEAD, FACE, EYES, NOSE, MOUTH, AND BODY CAN ACTUALLY BE SEEN IN THE RED AND PALE "DIVINE MERCY RAYS" ABOVE FATHER DAVID - which are miraculously pouring down onto Father DavidThe third Miracle is: the red and pale color "Divine Mercy Rays" are angled out all around Father David which can be seen on Father, in all the shadows, on the base and pedestal of the Statue, and all 4 sides of the 10 foot statue!  (These great miracles can best be discerned on the very high resolution photo placed on the back of the Mass Card we send you for the Masses that Father David offers for you when you order the Masses.)  All of this was witnessed by several astonished Franciscan priests who reported this to the Pope, who asked Father David for a Private Audience to explain all that happened.  Father David has had 5 Private Audiences with the last 2 Popes.  CLICK THROUGH

  • Father David sees Our Blessed Mother just like Padre Pio.  Many miracles have happened when Father David prays to the Blessed Mother through images of her for the intentions of people requesting Masses to be said by him. This photograph taken by Father David of the Blessed Mother shows Mary very sorrowfully weeping for the many sorrows and sins against the people who Father David is praying for in his Masses.

  • This photograph of Our Lady Mediatrix of All Graces in The Miraculous Icon® was taken by Father David in his chapel. The Icon is next to his altar where he offers his Masses and prayers for people’s intentions. These 4 Miraculous Signs from Our Lady Mediatrix of All Graces: (1) the Icon is miraculously exuding large quantities of oil, (2) blood serum, (3) both have very sweet fragrances, (4) and lights indicate that the Blessed Mother is answering Father David’s and your prayers!


  • Father David sees and receives information from Saint Padre Pio regularly! This is a miraculous picture of Saint Padre Pio recently appearing to Father David alongside Father David’s altar where he daily offers his Masses for the people’s intentions. Saint Padre Pio is praying to Jesus on the Crucifix he is holding!

  • Miracles and healings happen everywhere Father David goes.
  • David was present throughout Padre Pio’s later life and was with Padre Pio every moment during the last two days of his life.
  • Father witnessed PADRE PIO'S LAST TWO PRIVATE MASSES in the Choir Loft of Our Lady of Grace Church in San Giovanni Rotondo, WHERE PADRE PIO FIRST RECEIVED HIS STIGMATA 50 YEARS EARLIER!  Father was the only ones in attendance. These ten photographs of Padre Pio were taken during the last two weeks of Padre Pio life! 
  • Photo 4 shows Padre Pio saying Mass and a second Host miraculously appearing! Photographs 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, and 9 of Padre Pio taken 2 weeks before he died.  Photographs 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, and 8 are available for purchase to help Father David’s orphanages with over 500 very sick debilitated children.  Call 1-732-892-7400 to purchase any of these photographs without watermarks on them.  (NOTE: ALL 40 PHOTOGRAPHS SHOWN HERE ON THESE PAGES AND ALL 430 PHOTOGRAPHS THROUGHOUT OUR WEBSITE ARE COPYRIGHTED BY US AND HAVE DIGITALLY EMBEDDED WATERMARKS IN THEM BY DIGIMARC AND CANNOT BE USED WITHOUT OUR WRITTEN PERMISSION.)
  • This first Photograph shows 4 miracles!  The 4 miracles which are only in this photograph and were not there when the picture of Padre Pio was taken two weeks before Padre Pio died are: (1) the miraculous appearance of an image of The Blessed Mother, (2) Blessed Mother's light blue aura of light surrounding Padre Pio, (3) the light of Jesus and Mary on Padre Pio on side near Blessed Mother lighting up his brown habit and one glove, and (4) the appearence of 3 roses before the hands of Padre Pio: two roses that opened and one that is still to bloom (all iconic signs) which all miraculously appeared!  All four of the above miracles appeared only in this miraculous photographThey were not there when the photograph was taken!









  • The Vatican safeguards the identity of Father David to protect him from the curious and to enable him to carry out his vitally important mission among the over 500 abandoned, sickly, orphan children. He provides food, shelter, medical care, and the love these children desperately need – and for this reason Father David’s association with Mary’s Way Apostolate is so vital.  Your donation for Father’s 730 Masses, Saint Benedict Medals, Miraculous Images, and groceries go to fund these orphanages.  Click here for 730 Masses said for your intentions by Father David!  Click here for Saint Benedict Medals most powerfully blessed by Father David!



























  • Father David operates orphanages with the help of the Capuchin priests, monks, religious brothers, and nuns who assist him.
  • The Cardinals in Rome know Father David well and have been witnesses to his gifts, and the messages Father David receives from the Blessed Virgin Mary and Saint Padre Pio.
  • Father David is well known by Pope Benedict XVI with whom he has had 2 Private Audiences.
  • Father David had numerous Private Audiences with Blessed Pope John Paul II.


  1. It was August 5th, 2010, Our Lady’s birthday, “the Feast Day of Our Lady of Snows”, after 10 years of searching that I, Francis Slinsky, Founder and Director of Mary’s Way Apostolate finally found two companies that could make our exquisite “12-Way, All Protecting, Double Brown Scapulars”. Our Lady guided me to finally find not one but two companies that would make the scapulars for us with all its intricate details of The Miraculous Icon® now seen on the Scapulars on 2,000 threads of the most lustrous satin weave damask! That same day, after the Scapulars were finally finished in Korea, and after 4 months of great difficulty (read testimony of woman who saw a rocket launched and land close to the factory where the scapular), we, at Mary’s Way received a phone call from a lady in Hawaii who wanted 200 12-Way All Protecting Double Scapulars. I found out two weeks later from her that Father David, from Italy, had told her to order the scapulars. I had assumed that she was someone else to whom I had mentioned the production of the scapulars. Of the 200 scapulars – a small part was to go to Father David along with our Prayer Cards of Our Lady Mediatrix of All Graces. 


  2. How did Father David know about the scapulars? It turns out that Father David, a miracle working priest with the Stigmata wounds had called this lady in Hawaii who knew of his work, to tell her about how Our Blessed Mother appeared to him in a dream holding the Scapulars in her hand.
  3. Father David reported to her that in the dream he had said to himself, “My God, what is this?!” Father had never seen the image of Our Lady Mediatrix of All Graces, and in fact the image of Our Lady Mediatrix at Mary’s Way was the first such image in the world.
  4. I, Francis, had commissioned Josyp Terelya, world renown mystic and Marian Visionary, to paint the unique Saint Michael the Archangel image especially for the Scapulars, 10 years earlier.
  5. As I came to know of Father David, I found out that the Vatican works very closely with him and that he is in contact with the highest levels of the Curia.
  6. From the reports given by the lady in Hawaii, Father David described the image from his dream to his Spiritual Director, the Chief Exorcist for the Vatican. Father David was reminded by his Spiritual Director about the dossier on Francis Slinsky and the Miraculous Icon Our Lady Mediatrix of All Graces. Cardinal Casaroli (1914-1998) had written it as then Retired Secretary of State and Foreign Minister to Pope John Paul II. Francis Slinsky had been invited in May 1997 and May 1998 to bring the original Miraculous Icon Our Lady Mediatrix of All Graces to Rome as the invited guest of Vox Populi Maria Mediatrici International Conference for which over 200 bishops, archbishops, cardinals, and priests; international Marian leaders were in attendance.
  7. The document his Spiritual Director spoke about which led him to Mary’s Way Apostolate MIRACULOUSLY APPEARED ON Father David’s altar the next morning, while celebrating mass in his humble chapel (see image below item 1 above).
  8. Father David called his contact in Hawaii who in turn called Francis Slinsky.
  9. The telephone number for Mary’s Way in that document was the old original number, from 13 years previously, which mysteriously somehow worked.
  10. After 4 months of speaking to Francis, the lady in Hawaii knew that Father David and Francis should speak directly, to which Father David gave permission and Francis got Father David’s private telephone number.
  11. Francis Slinsky called Father David and during this first time conversation, Father David said: “FRANCIS, THERE ARE GOING TO BE MANY MIRACLES COMING THROUGH YOUR 12-WAY ALL PROTECTING DOUBLE SCAPULARS!"
  12. Father David turns out to be the protégé of Padre Pio.
  13. Father David donated to Mary’s Way Apostolate the most precious First Class Relic of Padre Pio – a pair of gloves of Padre Pio to help all the patrons of Mary’s Way Apostolate.
  14. Padre Pio willed his personal possessions to his family when he died. The Family of Padre Pio over time gave Padre Pio’s personal possessions to Father David.  Father David recently donated  to Mary's Way Worldwide Apostolate Padre Pio's Gloves and PADRE PIO'S FAVORITE STOLE which all his family made a part of, and then gave it to Padre Pio as his 65th. Birthday present!  PADRE PIO USED THIS STOLE THROUGHOUT THE LAST 15 YEARS OF HIS LIFE DURING HIS 18 HOURS A DAY HEARING CONFESSIONS!  PADRE PIO'S SWEAT AND BLOOD IS STILL ON THE NECK BAND OF HIS STOLEFather David donated it to Mary’s Way Apostolate so that Francis can very reverently touch Padre Pio's stole to all the religious items you purchase from Mary’s Way.

  15. Father David donated to Mary’s Way Apostolate a 12 inch life like STATUE of Padre Pio to Mary’s Way. A short time after Father David blessed the statue, the Statue miraculously exuded blood serum with the sweet fragrance of Roses, Lilies, and violets, from the Stigmata wounds of Padre Pio - the “Odor of Sanctity” associated with Padre Pio during his life.

  16. When Father David prayed at very rare, small private healing services: statues and holy images oil and sometimes blead, sweet fragrance of roses, lilies, violets were perceived.
  17. These healings from illnesses have renewed peoples faiths in God.  Below is the healing to a very sick child which I photographed and witnessed several months ago.

  18. There are also rainbows that appeared, as testified in one instance by a very startled cleaning woman at a hotel in a foreign country were Father David was briefly staying.  When Father David was out of his hotel room, the cleaning woman went in to clean his room and was very shocked to find a rainbow that was fading away, that stretched across the inside of his room!  
  19. Several different times, Father David told me about how the orphan children in his orphanages told him that after receiving a prayer card of "Our Lady Mediatrix of All Graces" that he had just blessed for them, the children reported that the hand of Jesus become very hot. and moved giving the children a blessing!
  20. I, Francis Slinsky, testify that after Father David had just blessed one of our Prayer Cards of "Our Lady Mediatrix of All Graces" for me and handed it to me, that "Our Lady Mediatrix Icon" on our Prayer Card became extremely hot!


  22. Soon after, 51 more tiny drops of blood serum apppeared under Padre Pio's gloves!  Now there are 52 drops of blood serum from the 60 year old gloves surrounding the first tiny drop of blood which we very reverently touch to the religious items you purchase from Mary's Way at no cost to you.  Padre Pio has given us this sign that every week of the year, all 52 weeks, he will help you through your prayers to him.
  23. A scab of blood from Padre Pio’s hands miraculously went through 60 years of time and space and appeared under the gloves of Padre Pio at Mary’s Way.  Padre Pio's Scab of blood was never on or in or under Padre Pio's Most Miraculous Gloves!

  24. Father David and his priests offered to say 4 Masses every day for a year a total of 1,460 Masses and the Nuns who work in Father's orphanages also pray 35 Rosaries every day for a year over 12,000 Rosaries for you and your family for Mary’s Way patrons for a donation of $195 to help him in his work with the children in his orphanages. We receive reports from those having masses said by Father David of peace and healing in their families.
  25. Father David asked to meet in person with the Francis and Joyce Slinsky the Directors of Mary's Way Worldwide Apostolate this past summer.  Father David personally consecrated Francis Slinsky and Joyce Slinsky to Padre Pio!  FRANCIS IS NOW A "CONSECRATED" SPIRITUAL SON OF SAINT PADRE PIO!  JOYCE IS NOW A "CONSECRATED" SPIRITUAL DAUGHTER OF SAINT PADRE PIO!  Father David is also Francis Slinsky’s "Spiritual Director".
  26. Father David gave Francis and Joyce at this meeting, a 12 inch life like Statue of Saint Benedict, and a second 12 inch life like Statue of Saint Padre Pio which both started to bleed and oil the day after Father David had blessed them!  The left hand of Saint Benedict on his Miraculous Statue also  became life like!  The veins on Saint Benedict's left hand which is holding his spear with his Saint Benedict Cross on it to chase away evil - came out onto his hand!  The day before when Father David blessed them, they were left in the hotel Conference Room which was locked by the Manager who alone had the key to the room.  The next morning when the Hotel Manager unlocked the locked Conference Room with his personal key, we all found the Miraculous Bleeding and Oiling Statues!


  27. After a second meeting with Francis, Father David offered for those faithful who would like to contribute through donations for his mission – medals, miraculous photos, and Second Class Relics of Padre Pio in addition to the Masses already mentioned.
  28. He gave a miraculous photo of Jesus weeping blood for the many sins of the world. Father David reported that while praying in front of the Sanctuary in one of the churches, suddenly he saw the face of Jesus and blood coming from the eyes. He asked permission of Our Lord to take the picture as shown here below.

  29. Father David gave Mary’s Way the most powerfully blessed Saint Benedict Medals with the all-powerful “Liberating Blessings” for the soon, very likely 3 days of darkness and possible chastisement.
  30. Father David offered a select group of Sacred Second Class Relics of Saint Padre Pio and Saint Thérèse Liseux. The relics are in very unique, custom-made, gold plated reliquary medallions from Italy. They come with a gold plated chain so you can wear them around your neck and near your heart.  The relics encased in the back are their sacred vestment habits.  Padre Pio’s sacred  Religious Habit was placed on his incorruptible, exhumed body for 2 months in the year 2008 to raise funds for Father David’s orphanages.  They are all in very limited supply.  Click here to purchase relics.

  31. Francis gave Father David a framed Icon of Our Lady Mediatrix of All Graces that is now oozing a great deal of oil and blood serum from it, with the sweet fragrance of roses, lilies and violets coming from it. Father David reported “so much oil is coming from the Icon that I had to put a silver container to capture it.” Father David gave the oil to Francis at Mary’s Way Worldwide Apostolate. We touch all of our religious articles to this miraculous oil and serum.

  32. Father David reported that many miracles are happening through “The Mediatrix Icon” including most recently, "when a Seminarian who was expelled from the Seminary took the Miraculous Icon from the Chapel in his anger to destroy it! The Icon and its frame became so hot that it burned his hands! The expelled Seminarian in great fear brought back the image back to the Seminary saying, “I’m sorry, I took the Icon to destroy it but it burned my hands! …”

Francis and Father David telephone regularly regarding the requests for Masses from Mary’s Way patrons.






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