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10-day, Blessed, Votive "Sanctuary Candle" (51% pure beeswax) lit before the 63 Saints' Sacred First Class Relics for all of your intentions. Candle Card sent to you.

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Product Description

Suggested contribution for a 10-day Blessed Votive Candle Lit for your personal petitions before these 63 Sacred First-Class Relics.

For your contribution for a 10-day Candle before the 63 Saints First Class Relics we will also send you a beautiful 5 inch by 7 inch Votive Candle Card with a beautiful picture of all 63 Relics on the Card.

Inside the 5 x 7 inch Votive Candle Card the text will state: “A Blessed 10-Day Votive Candle has been lit in front of the 63 Very Sacred, First-Class Relics for all of your Special, Personal Intentions."

NOTE: You can also order and pay for these beautiful Votive Candle Cards in advance for $20.00 each which you can mail to your family members and friends stating that the 10-day candle is lit for their intentions.

Shown here in this “Second Relics Photograph” are 63 of the 125 Sacred First-Class Relics all of which were taken out of their large, elaborate, ornate reliquaries, and taken out of the top of the special 9 foot long by 33 inch wide, 3½ inch deep “Relics Altar”.

All of these 125 extremely precious Sacred First-Class Relics are all from the Catholic Church's Official Depository of Relics in Rome, and are at our Mary's Way to Jesus Apostolate.

THE RELICS ARE NOT FOR SALE. These Sacred First Class Relics are for the purpose of touching them to your purchased religious items in order to make your religious items Third-Class Relics for devotional purposes, at no cost to you. Making religious items Third-Class Relics, at no additional cost to you, is permissible and encouraged as great aids to devotion.

This beautiful custom-built “Relics Altar” and Marian Prayer Room (which is not open to the public) is specifically for the purpose of praying to Our Lady Mediatrix of All Graces® and to all the Apostolic Fathers and Doctors of the Church, and to all the Saints for everyone’s petitions. The unique “Relics Altar” is for very reverently containing the 125 Sacred First-Class relics, and is covered with thick clear acrylic glass as shown in the “Relics Altar” photograph.

These 63 (second half) of the 125 Sacred First-Class Relics were photographed close together to show the names of the saints and the details of their relics.

The three large Cross Reliquaries each have five sacred first-class relics of some of “The Devotional Saints”.

Sacred First Class Relics of “The Ten Great Carmelite Saints and Blessed” are followed by Sacred First Class Relics of “All Six Apostolic Fathers of the Church”: Saint Clement, Saint Ignatius, Saint Polycarp, Saint Justin, Saint Irenaeus, and Saint Cyprian.

All Six Apostolic Fathers of the Church are followed by Sacred First Class Relics of every one of the Thirty-Three Church Doctors. Sacred First Class Relics of “The Four Western ‘Great Doctors of the Church’: Saint Ambrose, Saint Jerome, Saint Augustine, and Saint Gregory the Great”. Sacred First Class Relics of “The Four Eastern “Great Doctors of the Church”: Saint Athanasius, Saint Basil the Great, Saint Gregory Nazianzus, and Saint John Chrysostom.

Sacred First Class Relics of every one of the Thirty-Three Church Doctors are followed by Sacred First Class Relics of “The Ten Early Church Doctors”, “The Seven Middle-Ages Church Doctors”, “The Six Counter Reformation Church Doctors”, and “The Two Modern Era Church Doctors”: Saint Alphonsus Liguori and Saint Thérèse of Lisieux “The Little Flower.”



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  1. 7 Day Votive 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 6th Jun 2012

    Beautiful card sent to inform one of what one is receiving. What a gift!! What blessings.