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Art Museum Quality! The Most Exquisite Fine Art Giclée Icon of "Our Lady Mediatrix of All Graces"® on the finest canvas! AT A GREAT DISCOUNT!

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Product Description

Offered at a special discount off the regular price for a LIMITED TIME ONLY.

Each giclée Icon is professionally dry vacuum mounted on 1/8 inch thick acid free mounting material, printed with fade-resistant archival inks and clear UV (ultra-violet) coated to further protect your museum quality Giclée Icon.

3.5 inch x 5 inch (89mm x 127mm) $ 79.
4 inch x 6 inch (102mm x 152mm) $ 89.
5 inch x 7 inch (127mm x 178mm) $ 99.
8 inch x 10 inch (203mm x 254mm)  $ 220.
11 inch x 14 inch (279mm x 356mm)  $ 395.
16 inch x 20 inch (406mm x 508mm)  $ 825.
18 inch x 24 inch (457mm x 610mm)  $ 1,200.
24 inch x 36 inch (610mm x 914mm)  $2,400.
36 inch x 48 inch (914mm x 1219mm) $4,900.
48 inch x 72 inch (1219mm x 1829mm) Special Order, call for price.


+ At no additional cost to you, your Blessed and Touched Our Lady Mediatrix of All Graces ® Museum Quality Fine Art Icon will also be 75 PRECIOUS THIRD-CLASS RELICS of:
1. Jesus’ Most Holy Cross,
2. The Most Holy Crown of Thorns,
3. Jesus’ Scourging Pillar,
4. The Rock of Jesus' Agony in Gethsemane,
5. The Rock of Calvary at the Crucifixion,
6. The Last Supper Holy Table,
7. Jesus’ Holy Crèche Manger,
8. The Actual White Veil of the Blessed Virgin Mary,
9. The Blessed Virgin Mary's Sepulcher,
10. The Rock of Mary’s Assumption to Heaven,
11. Saint Joseph – Mary’s Spouse,
12. The Home of Jesus, Mary and Joseph,
13 .Saint Peter the Apostle,
14. Saint John the Apostle,
15. Saint James the Apostle,
16. Saint Andrew the Apostle,
17. Saint Matthew the Apostle,
18. Saint Simon the Apostle,
19. Saint Thomas the Apostle,
20. Saint Jude the Apostle,
21. Saint Philip the Apostle,
22. Saint James the Less the Apostle,
23. Saint Bartholomew the Apostle,
24. Saint Matthias the Apostle,
25. Saint Luke the Evangelist,
26. Saint Mark the Evangelist,
27. Saint Paul the Apostle,
28. Saint John the Baptist,
29. Saint Ann – Mother of Mary,
30. Saint Joachim – Father of Mary,
31. Saint Elizabeth – Cousin of Mary,
32. Saint Mary Magdalene,
33. Saint Dismas – the Good Thief,
34. Saint Longinus – who lanced Jesus’ side,
35. Saint Joseph of Arimathea – helped bury Jesus,
36. Saint Martha – Sister of Saints Lazarus and Mary,
37. Saint Lazarus – who Jesus raised from the dead,
38. Saint Padre Pio [d.1968] for all miracles and healings,
39. Saint Lucy of Syracuse [d.304] for eye cures,
40. Saint Blaise [d. 316] for throat cures,
41. Saint Monica [d.387] for all troubled children,
42. Saint Benedict the Abbot [d.550] who repels all evil,
43. Saint Dymphna [d.650] for mental disorder cures,
44. Saint Anthony of Padua [d.1231] the miracle worker
45. Saint Simon Stock [d.1265] for the Brown Scapular,
46. Saint Peregrine [d.1345] for all cancer cures,
47. Saint Rita of Cascia [d.1457] for hopeless cases,
48. Saint Catherine Labouré [d.1875] Miraculous Medal,
49. Saint Bernadette of Lourdes [d. 1879] for all cures,
50. Saint Thérèse of Liseux, [d. 1897] for all favors,
51. Saint André Bessette [d. 1938], miracle worker,
52. Saint Faustina Kowalska [d. 1938] of Divine Mercy,
53. Pope Saint Clement [d. 99] First Apostolic Father,
54. Saint Christopher [d. 251] Patron of America,
55. Saint Helena [d. 330] Founder of the True Cross,
56. Saint John Chrysostom [d. 407] Church Father,
57. Saint Jerome [d.420] Doctor of the Church,
58. Saint Augustine [d. 430] Great Church Father,
59. Saint Dominic [d. 1221] Patron of the Rosary,
60. Saint Francis of Assisi [d. 1226] Franciscans Founder,
61. Saint Thomas Aquinas [d. 1274] Church Father,
62. Saint Catherine of Siena [d. 1380] Church Doctor,
63. Saint Teresa of Άvila [d. 1582] Carmelite Founder,
64. Saint John of the Cross [d. 1591] Carmelite Co-Founder,
65. Saint Francis De Sales [d. 1622] Church Father,
66. Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque [d. 1690] of Sacred Heart,
67. Saint Louis De Montfort [d. 1716] Marian devotee,
68. Saint Alphonsus Ligouri [d. 1787] Church Doctor,
69. Saint John Vianney [d. 1859] the Curé d’Ars,
70. Saint John Bosco [d. 1888] Founder of Salesians,
71. Saint Bernardine of Siena [d. 1444] Church Doctor,
72. Saint Patrick [d. 460] Patron Saint of Ireland,
73. Saint Clare of Assisi [d. 1253] Founder of the Poor Clares,
74. Saint Maximilian Kolbe [d. 1941] for dedication,
75. Saint Maria Goretti [d. 1902] for purity

+ With each Icon you order, you will receive a beautiful, full color, 6 Panel Brochure showing: all 75 Sacred First Class Relics, a list the names of all the Relics, “Mary’s Way Litany of the Saints”, a full-color 4 sided Prayer Card, and a statement that your Our Lady Mediatrix of All Graces® Museum Quality Fine Art Icon was very reverently touched to all these Relics thereby making your Icon Precious Third-Class Relics of all 75 Relics!

Tell all your friends and relatives about this. Give these magnificent museum quality Icons to your children, your relatives and your church - tax deductible.

Our Museum Quality Piezo Giclée Fine Art Icons (pronounced pe-a-zoh zhee-clay, French for “spray of ink”) are created using the latest, cutting edge, state-of-the-art technology. By using the world’s finest, most advanced equipment: one-of-a-kind Light-bar Photography, cutting edge Iris printers, the most expensive fade-resistant archival inks, state-of-the-art digital images of the Icons, etc. all on the finest canvas, nothing yet, anywhere in the world, has succeeded in matching the exquisite quality of our “Piezo Giclèe Icons.”

This very costly time-consuming process uses numerous, micro capillary nozzles spraying individual colors onto the finest canvas. According to giclèe manuals: “these microscopic instruments are so fine, so precise that a one-inch square image can consist of up to 12 million micro droplets. This can reproduce an astonishing 512 levels of gray per color. This creates a continuous tone resolution simulating 1,800 dpi (dots-per-inch) halftone.” The results are our Icons are reproduced with the deepest, very richest, highly saturated colors which give everything in our Icons – a life-like appearance. This is one of the many reasons why our Museum Quality piezo giclèe Fine Art Icons are reported to be, among the world's finest, and most valuable reproductions!

These exquisite museum quality fine art giclee Icons are individually created, one at a time. Please allow 2 TO 3 weeks for us to ship your Icon(s).

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