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PADRE PIO'S SCAB OF BLOOD (shown on the bottom left corner of our Giclees) EXTREMELY "MIRACULOUSLY" APPEARED UNDER HIS BLESSING HAND GLOVE – which was not ever on or in his 60 year old Gloves!   HIS BLOOD SCAB "MIRACULOUSLY" APPEARED OUT OF NOWHERE!  



GREATLY ENLARGED PHOTO OF PADRE PIO’S ACTUAL SCAB OF BLOOD FROM PADRE PIO’S STIGMATA WOUND FROM HIS RIGHT HAND, “HIS BLESSING HAND”!  THIS SCAB OF BLOOD  EXTREMELY "MIRACULOUSLY" APPEARED UNDER PADRE PIO’S BLESSING HAND GLOVE – which was not ever on or ever in Padre Pio’s 60 year old Gloves!  Padre Pio’s Scab of Blood from his Stigmata wound extremely "miraculously" appeared out of nowhere!!!


Actual photo taken in 1950 of Saint Padre Pio at Mass without his gloves which shows the scabs of blood on his blessing hand!  ONE OF PADRE PIO’S  SCABS OF BLOOD "MIRACULOUSLY"  WENT THROUGH TIME AND SPACE AND EXTREMELY "MIRACULOUSLY" APPEARED UNDER PADRE PIO’S “BLESSING HAND GLOVE” AT MARY’S WAY WORLDWIDE APOSTOLATE!!!

News Flash *** 52 small drops of blood serum dripped from our Saint Padre Pio "Miraculous" Gloves while praying to Padre Pio to grant miracles, healings, and graces to those who have our Icons, Pio Images, and Scapulars!   These 52 "miracles" are signs from Padre Pio that he answers our prayers every week

 *** PADRE PIO PRAYED TO OUR LADY MEDIATRIX OF ALL GRACES  FOR 50 YEARS!  Padre Pio told all the people who came to thank him for all the favors granted:   “ ALL THANKS MUST BE GIVEN TO THE BLESSED MOTHER SINCE SHE IS THE MEDIATRIX OF ALL GRACES.”  Our Lady Mediatrix of All Graces  is the reason why Padre Pio is assisting Mary’s Way and granting so many "miracles" at our Apostolate! (See Padre Pio Gloves for details.)