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Our collection of unique, historic, and antique Saint Benedict Medals in many sizes are made exclusively for Mary’s Way Apostolate by Benedictine Monks in Italy. They are all Most Powerfully Blessed by the Benedictine Priests and also by Father David, and other Priests who  prayed over all the Medals for 9 days!  These Most Powerfully Blessed Saint Benedict Medals are imported from Italy and are Silver Plated, Gold Plated. Some have beautiful Swarovski Crystals.   Father David said: “The medals I give you are for protection.” He said all of the following about these most blessed, protective Medals:

“I bless the medals individually with the all powerful ‘LIBERATING BLESSINGS!’ – which are bigger, stronger blessings than any other blessing!”
“At the Benedictine Monastery in Italy where the Medals are made, the Monks pray continually when making the medals – from the inside out!”
“The Benedictines also pray and bless the medals with the powerful Benedictine Blessing when the medals are finished.”
“The medals are sent to and all reverently placed on my altar in my chapel – where Padre Pio appeared to me praying to Jesus on the Cross.”
“My priests and I pray 9 days over the medals at the end of each Mass.”
“We also pray over the medals for 2 hours every night for 9 nights!”
“The medals are all blessed with Holy Water and Blessed Incense in Latin.”
“I also bless the medals with “Exorcism Blessings.”
“Always carry or wear your Medals and tape them inside of every entrance door!”
“Medals should also be taped on the inside four corners of your home and clear-taped to as many windows as possible. The Saint Benedict medals must have Saint Benedict facing you. The Cross faces outward.”