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Article 1

article1001a.gifThis Sacred Icon has “the true heavenly face of The Blessed Virgin Mary” the Mother of God.  It was originally painted by Saint Luke when Mary was on earth.

By the Grace of God, we are able to offer you the most authentic and most beautiful portrait of the Mother of God in the world. Our Lady’s beautiful face in this Sacred Icon is the alleged, real face of Mary, the Mother of God.

Saint Luke the Evangelist painted his Icon of Mary, with her “earthly face” about the year 60 AD, when Mary was in the home of Saint John the Apostle.  The portrait was painted on a three foot wide by five foot long thick cedar slab - the top of a table that Jesus had made in Saint Joseph’s workshop which Mary brought to the home of Saint John the Apostle in Ephesus.  The Icon was allegedly found by Saint Helena in a cave in Jerusalem along with the True Cross in the year 326 AD.

The Icon of Saint Luke is entitled Salus Populi Romani - “Protectoress of the Roman People”.  It is the only Icon of the child Jesus and Mary in Papal Basilicas, attributed to Saint Luke. The Icon has been in Rome, in the finest chapel, in Saint Mary Major Papal Basilica, legendarily – for almost 1,700 years. The above photograph shows the Icon of Saint Luke as venerated today in the Papal Basilica of Saint Mary Major along with the original Icon of Our Lady Mediatrix of All Graces® at the altar during holy Mass on The Feast Day of Our Lady of Fatima, May 13, 1999. This basilica is the first, the largest and most important Basilica of Mary in the world. In the year 2003, Pope John Paul II commissioned a replica of the Icon of Saint Luke, the first Icon in the world of Our Lady as “Protectoress of the Roman People,” to travel continuously throughout the world and to be at all of The World Youth Days Celebration masses. The Icon of Our Lady Mediatrix of All Graces® resembles that first Icon.

article1002.gifJosyp Terelya, Mystic and world renowned Visionary saw the Blessed Virgin Mary 7 times.   Our Lady had miraculously saved Josyp's life in Hrushiv, Ukraine, his native country which is very well documented in his Autobiography Witness with Michael Brown (copyright 1991, Faith Publishing Company, ISBN #: 1-877678-17-1).

Mystic, accomplished master fine art painter, and world renowned Marian Visionary Josyp Terelya (1944-2009) - who saw Mary 7 times, PAINTED THE IMPRINTED, BEATIFIC and PERFECTED "HEAVENLY FACE OF MARY" on OUR LADY MEDIATRIX OF ALL GRACES® Icon known as THE MIRACULOUS ICON® using "Mary's Earthly Face" that Saint Luke painted on his Icon - as a further guide!  

All of the 13 features in "Mary's beautiful Heavenly Face: on Our Lady Mediatrix of All Graces® Icon at Mary's Way Apostolate are identical to, and are fully corrobrated by, the independently written descriptions that were given many years earlier by all six Medjugorje Visionaries.  They each independently, twice gave their written descriptions to their spiritual director who wrote about them in his writings and about "Mary's Heavenly Face", including the most important feature, that "Mary has a light color brow"!

These six Visionaries had each seen "Mary's Heavenly Face" hundreds of times for many years!  MARY'S "LIGHT COLOR BROW" IS "THE LIGHT COLOR BROW OF THE DOVE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT" INDELIBLY AGLOW ON MARY'S BROW IN HEAVEN, and also subtly shown on The Miraculous Icon - Our Lady Mediatrix of All Graces!   This further, definitively shows this Sacred Miraculous Icon has the alleged "true, real Heavenly Face of Mary" which is repeatedly evidenced on all our Mary Mediatrix Icons, and by all six Visionaries!   As written in the Bible:  "The angel said to her (Mary) 'The Holy Spirit will come upon you...'"  Saint Luke's Gospel, Chapter 1, Verse 35 - for all in Heaven and for all the Visionaries, and people on earth to continually, subtly see!

 The 13 features all six visionaries wrote about - also in this Miraculous Icon® are: “Mary’s face is rather long and oval”; “she has a light color brow”.   (Mary’s “light color brow” is “the light color Dove of the Holy Spirit” indelibly aglow on Mary’s brow in heaven and subtly shown on the Icon of Our Lady Mediatrix of All Graces®).

The Visionaries also wrote, “Her eyebrows are thin and black, her eyelashes are delicate, she has rosy cheeks, her lips are a reddish color.” In the Icon, Our Lady’s “reddish colored lips” are puckered in a loving kiss for you. The Visionaries also wrote: “Mary has a veil which covers her head, shoulders, and complete body, Mary’s ears are never visible, her dress falls freely, and is up to the beginning of her neck, her sleeves reach to her palms, her eyes are blue.” ¹

Seemingly miraculous, Mary’s beautiful “blue eyes” in the Icon are always looking directly at you. Wherever you move Mary’s eyes in the Icon are always following you. She is always watching over you, her very precious child.  As Mediatrix of All Graces, she gives you All of God’s Graces according to your needs.

article1003.gifFive of the six Visionaries are shown in this photograph, taken during the first year of the apparitions that began on June 25,1981 in Medjugorje, Yugoslavia. These apparitions have been ongoing for over thirty years.

Numerous reports of spiritual and physical healings have come as a result of Vicka’s praying over pilgrims.  She is the oldest, the most gifted, and the most spirited of the 6 Visionaries (shown on the left in the photograph). 

Vicka was the Visionary who received and asked the Blessed Mother to bless the rosary and scapular of Marie’s friend Francis, the Founder and Director of Mary's Way to Jesus Worldwide Apostolate, who when Mary blessed Francis's rosary and scapular in Medjugorje, Saint Louis De Monfort appeared to Francis in a dream in the United States at exactly the same day, and foretold the creation and coming of the Icon of Our Lady Mediatrix of All Graces®!.

article1004.gif1. From Father Janko Bubalo’s book, “A Thousand Encounters with the Blessed Virgin Mary in Medjugorje” (1985) and his “1992 Survey on the first 11 years of the Apparitions”.

Article 2

So many Favors, Graces and Blessings, Healings and Miracles have been mediated by Mary, including a private audience with Pope John Paul II and Francis Slinsky, the Founder and Director of Mary's Way Apostolate through the veneration of  this Icon, that it is now known worldwide as THE MIRACULOUS ICON®.

In the last fourteen years thousands of Favors, Blessings, Gifts, and Graces, and also many alleged Healings and Miracles have been reported, documented, and attributed to the veneration of Our Lady Mediatrix of All Graces® known also as The Miraculous Icon®. These have been reported from people of various faiths: Roman Catholics, Eastern Rite Catholics, Orthodox Catholics, Protestants, Jewish, and Russian Orthodox.

Various alleged Miracles also have been reported through intercessory prayers to Our Lady Mediatrix of All Graces®, through praying the prayers on Our Lady Mediatrix of All Graces® Prayer Cards, through Our Lady Mediatrix Icons, through the Our Lady Mediatrix Icon T-Shirts and through The 12-Way, All Protecting Double Scapular.

One of the Icon T-Shirt instant miracles occurred to a young boy as he lay slowly dying for months in a hospital. This 14 year old boy, whose unprotected head was completely crushed under an overturning 800 pound four-wheel all-terrain vehicle as it flipped on a steep mountainside in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, was diagnosed 96% brain damaged by his doctors. Our Lady Mediatrix Icon T-Shirt, which was a gift from the boy’s doctor, was placed on the boy’s chest in the hospital, when suddenly the boy began to miraculously recover. The miracle was actually, accidentally videotaped live in the hospital in front of many astonished witnesses as the boy miraculously recovered. The witnesses included medical doctors, nurses, relatives, and family members. The video tape of this Icon T-Shirt miracle was sent to us and was aired on cable TV to thousands of viewers in 5 states. We will be showing this astounding video on our website in the coming months.

Some of the many, alleged miracles attributed to the intercession of Our Lady Mediatrix of All Graces® are cancer cures, leukemia cures, hearing loss cures, brain damage cures, and other cures. Mary Mediatrix Icons have also miraculously oozed oil, fragrances, lights, and tears.

Our Lady Mediatrix Rosaries and Our Lady Mediatrix Icon Medal have exuded fragrances, oil, and links have turned gold. Photos show Mediatrix Rosaries: with links that changed to gold, (confirmed by jewelers), a Mediatrix Rosary with oil exuding from the Icon Centerpiece, and a third Mediatrix Rosary with Mary’s mantle and eyes that have changed from silver to blue. Even the United States Government very uniquely, officially granted Special Recognition to this unique Sacred Icon issuing two Official United States Government Registered Trademarks (®) to everything in this precious, very important Icon, and specially designating it Our Lady Mediatrix of All Graces® and exclusively, very distinctively designating it THE MIRACULOUS ICON®.

Detailed Testimonies of some of the great many past and recently reported Favors, Blessings, Gifts, and Graces and alleged Healings and Miracles are being presented to you every month in the above TESTIMONIALS section on this Website.  At the end of each month, these Very Important Testimonies are categorized into 10 types and placed on this Website – for valuable understanding. They are from original documents, first-hand letters, doctors, nurses, priests, eyewitness accounts, and include photographs and videos provided by the persons, families, and friends involved.

  • Please E-Mail or Mail your Testimony to us, along with any letters, documents, photographs, and videos of all Favors, Blessings, Gifts, Graces, Healing or Miracle received from venerating .  We would like to display your Testimony on our websites. We will take out: all first and last names, all addresses, all phone numbers, and just use initials of names only.  Our Lady Mediatrix of All Graces®

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