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Medjugorje Picture Footnote


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6 reports about seeing Father David's periodic "stigmata-like wounds", and smelling the very sweet fragrance coming from his hands at 6 different times, in 6 locations, in 5 countries!  The locations and countries are:  (1) Medjugorje, Croatia       (2) The Vatican, Rome, Italy  (3) Mexico  (4) Los Angeles, California  (5)  Florham Park, New Jersey  (6) Montreal, Canada

(1) Medjugorje, Croatia:  In 1999, Father David made a holy pilgrimage with several religious brothers and priests to Medjugorje.  As Father began to pray before the Statue of the Blessed Mother on "Apparition Hill" where our Lady has appeared many times and where over 30 million pilgrims have visited, his fellow priests were overwhelmed by the sweet fragrance of roses, lilies and lilacs that filled the air!  They became curious as to where this very sweet aroma came from since there were no roses, lilies or lilacs anywhere.  They even knelt down trying to smell the odorless flowers and imitation flowers that were planted there.

Father David then moved away in humility, so that the brothers would not discovered that he was the source of the very sweet fragrance.  The aroma was coming from the "stigmata-like wounds" on Father David’s hands! When Father was content with the fact that his companions would not discover the origin of this heavenly fragrance, he knelt before the statue of the Blessed Mother. 

It was now "The Hour of Divine Mercy", 3:00 PMAs Father David knelt and prayed before the statue of Mary, The Mother of God, he told me he began to feel very great warmth! He felt that something was happening!  Father later told Francis, the Founder and Director of Mary's Way to Jesus Apostolate, who asked Father David all about this, upon seeing the above photograph:  It was a beautiful feeling when The Divine Mercy rays were on my body. I felt a lot of joy! I was very happy to be there.” Father further explained: When I pray, I pray so hardso intenseI feel the presence of Our Blessed Mother! It’s such a good feeling!”

The brothers with Father David saw that the sky had suddenly burst into a pure white sky – that covered almost all of the clear blue sky!  Only a small, jagged edged patch of blue sky remained as seen in the upper left corner behind the statue. Because of this, one of the brothers felt inspired to then take this photograph when he saw the sky instantly turn white, and stay nearly all white! That brother gave the photograph to Father David and said: "Father, I have a surprise for you!" That photograph is shown here above.

When the photograph was developed, it shows what could be considered "an Apparition of 'Jesus' ", in radiant red light, over Father David!  The deeper red in the center of the "Apparition of Jesus" could be interpreted as "The Sacred Heart of Jesus"! 

The most brilliant light over what appears to be Jesus is not the sun because it is on this side of the mountainIt is also not high up in the sky where it should be!  The sun does not set low at 3 o'clock!  This is not the sun - it could be considered to represent "God the Father" above "Jesus Christ" both descending down over Father David

Seemingly "miraculous" streams of red and pale blue "Divine Mercy Rays" go straight down, directly onto Father David, directly from "Jesus"! The "Divine Mercy Rays" are going straight down to Father! Notice that the red and pale blue "Divine Mercy Rays" on the statue are all angled to the left side of Father! The "Divine Mercy Rays” even extend up to the top of the statue! The Rays are in all the shadows, on the base, and on the pedestal of the statue, on the flower bed, and on all sides of the 10 foot statue! We understand that Father David was in ecstasy, in rapture, very intensely praying for the people he says Masses for, and rosaries for.

(2)  The Vatican, Rome, Italy:  The Franciscan Priest who took this photograph in 1999 reported this to the Vatican, and sent the photograph to Pope John Paul II.  Holy Father Pope John Paul II then asked Father David to meet with him in a Private Audience in the Apostolic Palace in Rome to explain all that happened. 

I asked Father David to explain everything that happened during that historic meeting.  Father David simply said: "Pope John Paul II greeted me at the door to his private apartment on the fourth floor of the Apostolic Palace. Holy Father said: 'What is that very sweet fragrance!'  Father David said: 'It is you Holy Father!' Pope John Paul II already knew about Father David's periodic "stigmata-like wounds" on his hands in advance of their meeting

Pope John Paul II was ill then and had to have his personal physician continually on duty watching after him in the next Papal Apartment on the fourth floor of the Apostolic Palace.  So when Pope John Paul II witnessed and acknowledged Father David's "stigmata-like wounds" on Father David's hands, Pope John Paul II then asked his personal physician in the next Papal apartment to examine Father David's "stigmata-like wounds"!  I asked Father David: "What did the Pope's personal doctor say when he saw your hands?" Father David told me that the Pope's doctor simply said to Holy Father: "This is a real one!"

(3)  Mexico: In 2009, when Bernadette and Gloria met Father David for the first time, Bernadette told me that Father David had the "stigmata-like wounds" on his hands and that she could smell the very sweet fragrance of roses, lilies and lilacs. Bernadette said: "When I first arrived at the hotel that Father stayed at so we could visit him, I did not have the room number. I actually followed the smell of roses down the long hallway to find Father's exact hotel room right up to his door which had the strongest scent of roses! When I saw Father, I noticed that there was blood and oil coming out from the back of his hand. I could see that there was a little hole in the back of his hands."

(4)  Florham Park, New Jersey USA:  In Autumn of 2012, my wife and I and our friend Ginny were with Father David in a church in New Jersey.  Father was in deep meditation in the first pew, nearest to the altar, in front of a large magnificent Crucifix for half an hour.  After our afternoon prayers and meditation, Father David, my wife and I, and Ginny left the church.  Ginny's car was in a remote part of the church’s large empty parking lot.  Father was walking very briskly ahead of us, seemingly trying to avoid us.  He was walking very fast. Suddenly, the sweet fragrance of roses, lilies, and lilacs filled the air!  I called out: “Father, Father, Father, do you have the stigmata now?” He very humbly shook his head yes. We caught up to Father to look at his hands and Ginny, my wife and I were speechless. Ginny's knees buckled!  She was so shocked and taken by this, she almost collapsed! I had to extend my arms under her arms to hold her up, to keep her from falling down.  I thought she was going to faint!  She said: “Oh, Francis! Oooh Francis! What a privilege to see this!” 

Oil and serum was beginning to flow from the pores in Father David’s handsA small "stigmata-like wound" was beginning to appear on Father's hands! The oil and serum also had the sweet fragrance of roses, lilies, and lilacs, known as the “Odor of Sanctity” which Padre Pio always had, and Father David periodically receives.  My wife Joyce took photographs of Father's "stigmata-like wounds" when we reached Ginny's car. They are shown here below with other pictures of various stages of his "stigmata-like wounds", that occurred at different times on Father's hands.Being longtime major benefactors, Ginny and her friend were eventually invited by Father David to visit the orphanage in Mexico. They were there for several days. Father told me: "When they arrived, they cried and cried."

 Father David's "stigmata-like wounds" at various times, various locations, and all at the earliest stagesare shown below.

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(5)  Los Angeles, California USA:  In September 2013, when my wife and I were in California, praying the rosary with 80 to 100 people with Father David in a very large back yard, a similar occurrence happened. We were all praying the rosary.  I saw Father David walking around praying the rosary.  I thought that Father David stopped and was right behind me, because I suddenly smelled the very sweet fragrance of roses, lilies, and lilacs, the “Odor of Sanctity”.  When I turned around, I was greatly surprised to see that Father was not behind me or near me, but in the very farthest corner of the large backyard!   The beautiful fragrance from his "stigmata-like wounds" filled the entire yard!  Mr. and Mrs. Garcia, the property owners, later told Father and us the fragrance stayed there in for two days! " For more information, see our book "Everything You Need To Know To Survive the Chastisement...."


(6)  Montreal, Canada:  On, September 8th, 2015, the birthday of the Blessed Mother, Columba, a woman patron of Mary's Way Worldwide Apostolate, called me from Montreal Canada. She told me that when she and her sister Benedetta met Father David at Saint Joseph's Basilica and Oratory in Montreal Canada two years ago, they smelled the very sweet fragrance of lilies, roses, and violets, the so-called "Odor of Sanctity", was coming out of Father's "stigmata-like wounds". So I said to Columba: "Did you take any pictures of his 'stigmata-like wounds'?" She said: "No, I wish I had. My sister and I didn't expect to take any photographs that day going to church and daily Mass that day.  My sister and I did not expect to meet and talk to Father David for the first time." 

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