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[NOTE: If the letter “F:” appears at the beginning of a sentence, it is for "Francis", Mary’s Way Director, asking questions.  The other Capital Letter is for the person answering the questions!]


This Sunday I was able to kneel down and pray the Rosary before Mass and I thank Padre Pio and the Blessed Mother because I have no pain in it at all.

F: In other words you had pain kneeling down or something?

D: Yeah, they wanted to do a knee replacement on me at one time and I refused it. So, I have been having pain in the knee and lately, as of the last four or five months, I’ve been … when I go to Church, I would sit down until Mass started … I wouldn’t kneel except for the main parts of the Mass. It was really painful. I have no pain in it now.

F: How long since the pain’s gone away? Since you had the Scapulars?

D: Yes! Yeah, that’s why I’m saying it. That’s why I attribute it to the Blessed Mother.

F: By wearing the scapular, the pain has gone away in your knee. You never had that before.   The pain was like a constant pain …

D: It was pretty much … not constant but every time I would kneel down, I couldn’t … say kneel down for very long.

F: And so now, you can kneel down without any pain in the knee.

D: Right.

F: What would you call that Doris? You’d call it a miracle? Or a healing?

D: I would call it a healing, really. I had pains in my right knee and especially when I would kneel down. Sometimes, I would be lying in bed and it would bother me so much … and now I have no pain … and last Sunday I was able to kneel down, entirely, on my knees. That was about a half hour. I haven’t had any more pain on that knee … and it feels nice. It feels good! Before, I had … I would feel my knee … It was like I hardly had any cartilage … but now it feels nice, it feels like it should feel.

F: Praise God! Our Blessed Mother is working … and Padre Pio is helping too.

D: Oh, yes. I’ve been to Padre Pio’s place a couple of times and I’ve been blessed by his gloves and everything. I’ve been on a lot of pilgrimages. As you know, this Scapular is so very special because at Fatima, Our Lady told Lucia that it would be through the Rosary and the Scapular that her Immaculate Heart would triumph! I feel very strongly, that this is going to happen very soon.

F: It is very prophetic Doris, because Our Lady held out our Scapular to a miracle-working priest who has the stigmata. I think I might have mentioned that to you and it was within an hour of their being finished in South Korea that a woman called me from Hawaii and said, “I understand that you’re making scapulars.” And she could not have known – there’s no way! And so what happened, that night when they were finished, the Blessed Mother appeared to him holding our scapular in her hand with Our Lady Mediatrix on one end, and Saint Michael the Archangel in the other panel, and he said, “My God, what is this?!” in his dream. Next morning, he called the Vatican and his spiritual director explained to him who we were and what we are about. So he called this priest, in another country, he’s not in the United States, called the woman in Hawaii and said, “Order these scapulars!” So, she ordered two hundred, in fact. So, it goes to show that Our Lady … is it OK we use that information like you reminded us about Fatima?

D: Yes, yes, very much so. I have had so many miracles at Fatima. I’ve been there three or four times.

F: The triumph of the Immaculate Heart is right next to us. It’s really close through the Scapular; it will be through the Scapular …

D: It will be through the Scapular. And do you know, I am a Carmelite and they were changing the rules about the Scapular. They said people thought it was a …

F: I remember that. They didn’t want to have the words on there that “through this …”

D: And they said they couldn’t find the thing from Saint Simon Stock. I think Our Blessed Mother is using this one to reinforce that fact, that yes; this is true when he spoke to Saint Simon Stock. And even when she spoke to Lucia about the Scapular, she said that it was going to be through the Scapular and the Rosary. I’ve been handing them out to priests and to friends … and especially, I’ve been blessed to give it to priests and seminarians. Each one has taken it and happy to receive it. In fact, my own pastor was having problems. He had a triple bypass and he was suffering from … his ribs were broken, I guess during it … anyway, he was having so much pain, the poor soul, he could hardly move … and this Sunday

… I had given it to him on Friday and on this Sunday, he still sat down at the altar, but he stood up more and he was more erect, and I asked him afterwards, how he was feeling. He answered he was much better. Of course, he hasn’t attributed it to Our Blessed Mother, but I do (giggles) because I know she helps in things like this.

F: The priest is now wearing the Scapular.

D: I hope he is. I gave it to him.

F: Find out.

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