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December 2014 - Jonas B called and said his very tiny 10 year old, 4 pound dog, a Chihuahua named Nina had gotten deathly sick. Her condition became grave to the point of death, as is explained above.

This condition in dogs, patellar luxation, affects the knees and can cause pain, inflammation and premature arthritis. The symptoms start as a limp and can process to weak legs and even loss of leg movement due to the intense pain. Surgery can help many, but not all, dogs depending on the severity of the problem. Toy dogs seem to be prone to this condition.

Jonas said to me (Francis, the founder and director of Mary’s Way), “I hope it’s okay. I’d like to have a candle lit for my very sick dog Nina.” Realizing how attached Jonas is to his very tiny Chihuahua dog, I suggested to Jonas that there’s "miraculous" oil coming out of the Miraculous Icon which Father David blessed, located in his Chapel.

Father David explained that after he received and blessed the Icon, the next morning oil began to profusely pour out of it. Father David collected the oil in a small vessel. He gave me about 12 photographs that he and his brother priests had taken of the "miraculous" oil coming out of the Icon. Coming out as if through pores. So much came out Father decided to put a sterling silver vessel under the Icon to capture the oil.

When Father David came to the United States he gave me some of the oil. We went to a store and Father purchased 100 new cotton balls and put them into a quart size see through container. He put a small quantity of oil (about a ½ teaspoon full) onto the cotton balls. The oil absorbed into the cotton. Father put the lid on the clear plastic container and shook it. There was no visible sign of the oil remaining. But when I lifted the lid off, I could smell the sweet fragrance coming out of the container. The fragrance of lilies, roses and lilacs.

I brought the oil to New Jersey and used one of the cotton balls with the oil on it and touched our scapulars and Icon images with it. After about six months, I returned the cotton ball to the quart container and I saw the container very full of oil and the cotton balls saturated with the "miraculous" oil.

So when Jonas called, so worried about his dying dog, I offered him the "miraculous" oil. I told him I could not make any promises of anything coming from it. I sent the oil and Jonas made a donation to Father David for the orphanages.

The Holy Spirit guided me to tell Jonas to put the oil on Nina’s forehead and make the sign of the cross, and say “In the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, Amen,” then do the same on all four of her paws. Jonas had told me of Nina’s favorite place in the park, under a certain tree. I told him after the blessing, bring her to the park and gently place Nina, who was dying, under the tree. I did not speak to Jonas again for 4 months. I feared that Nina had died and I would not know what to say to him. Years ago my 13 year old German Shepherd dog, Angel, died and knew how hard it was to lose a pet. When he did call, he said Nina was "miraculously" cured. After the oil was applied, she began to get better and within two weeks she was healthy. Jonas told me that Nina is now running around her favorite tree in the park. I was elated.

This "miracle" shows God looks after all animals. Saint Francis of Assisi knew how precious all creatures are to God. “Are not five sparrows sold for two farthings, and not one of them is forgotten before God” (Luke 12:6)

If you have a sick pet, pray to Jesus through Mary for their health. “With God all things are possible”. (Matthew 19:26)777.jpg

In the photograph of Nina (which was taken after she was cured) it almost looks as if she is in prayer thanking God for saving her.

Donation for the "miraculous" oil $395. You will receive the oil on a cotton ball in a small 1” x 2” container. Use it by taking your index finger, gently touch the cotton ball with the oil and bless yourself (or others) with the sign of the cross.

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