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Ed Karganilla reported to Francis Slinsky, Director and Founder of Mary’s Way Worldwide Apostolate three miracles through the Miraculous Icon® Our Lady Mediatrix of All Graces®: two that happened to Ana Lopez and one miracle to Ed.   Ana Lopez was dying of two cancers.  Ed learned about Ana Lopez through his visitors during the eight months he was in the hospital due to a major auto accident.   Regarding Ed, the doctors were amazed he was alive due to the severity of his accident.   Ed's doctors said it was a ‘miracle’ that he was aliveIt was attributed to The Miraculous Icon Our Lady Mediatrix of All Graces!

Ed reported to Francis at Mary’s Way that he had just come from the Philippines to California to visit his mother. He was carrying  a 5 inch by 7 inch Icon of Our Lady Mediatrix of All Graces® in his car when he was hit.

Ed told Francis that Ana Lopez had been bedridden for seven months. Ana was dying and the doctors had said her cancers were inoperable.

Ana's doctor was the head of the Medical School of The University of California, one of the most prestigious universities in the country, and he was one of the most important cancer specialists in the world. The Doctor told Ana he couldn’t help her because she had a form of stomach cancer and lung cancer of an extremely advanced nature. No help was available … no medication … no therapy. Ed had heard about this woman. Ana had asked for prayers from local prayer groups to help her. After Ed's release from the hospital, Ed was invited to bring his Our Lady Mediatrix of All Graces® Icon to Ana’s home at her bedside and pray for her.

Ana kissed the Icon and Ed placed it face down on her stomach.   She was dully embarrassed to have this strange man come into her home and place this Icon on her and pray. Her teenage son and daughter let Ed into their home. When Ed placed the Icon on her stomach over the bed clothing, Ana felt “immense heat pouring out of the Icon”! [Note: Heat has poured out of our Lady Mediatrix Icons dozens of times. The heat has come from blessed Our Lady Mediatrix Icons, Prayer Cards, Medals, and Tee Shirts. Whenever there is heat coming out of Our Lady Mediatrix blessed images that is a sign that miracles are taking place.]

Ed prayed and took his Icon and left. The next morning, Ana with her son and daughter in the room with her, started to move her legs to the side of the bed as if to get up. Her son said, “Mom, Mom, what are you doing?!” Ana not only stood up but she also said, “I’m perfectly cured! It’s a miracle! I feel so much better! Everything is gone! I’m healed! I’m cured! It’s a miracle!!” Ana got up and walked around the San Francisco area for ten hours praising God and telling everyone she met on the street, that she had been cured by Our Lady Mediatrix of All Graces®

Mary's Way Worldwide Apostolate has a one hour Video of the entire Mass with Bishop Montrose with Anna Lopez explaining the 2 Miracles after the homily at the altar.  A video of this event with Bishop Montrose and with Anna explaining the 2 Miracles through Our Lady Mediatrix of All Graces for 15 minutes will be on our website here in about 3 weeks.  Please look for it.

Very interestingly, Bishop Donald Montrose who gave his Imprimatur to Father Gobbi’s book The Marian Movement of Priests was the Bishop in that area of California. About 1,000 people gathered at a church in the San Francisco Bay area and there Ana Lopez was the invited speaker. Bishop Montrose officiated at the Mass and for the Homily Ana Lopez spoke of her ordeal and miraculous cure.

What happened was that Ana Lopez walked around the town, as stated earlier, for some 10 hours telling everyone about the miracle.

Ana reported in the Homily, with Bishop Montrose at the Altar, that when she had to go back to her doctor that he had said, Ana, I’m amazed! You had two cancers and I couldn’t operate on themthere was no medicine, no therapy, no chemotherapy, nothing! And here you are perfectly, 100% cured!  Would you mind if I call a panel of doctors together to discuss your case?”  Ana, a very humble woman remembers saying, “O.K. Doctor, all right.” After she left the doctor’s office, she said that she asked her daughter, “What’s a panel?” She did not know what a panel was.  Her daughter said, “Mama, Mama, it’s a large group of doctors who want to come and talk to you about your experience and the miracles.”   Ana recounts that at the time, “I didn’t know what to tell them?” Then she had stopped and said, “I know what to tell them!” So, the Holy Spirit moved her then.

Two weeks later doctors flew in from all parts of the world. Ana told her story of the cure, to approximately 12 doctors in attendance. The doctors then said to her, “Ana, would you mind waiting outside the office while we consult with the doctors here about your testimony?” So, she went out and when the doctors were leaving, Ana told, they each approached her sitting in the waiting room and said, “Ana, would you pray for me?” “Ana, would you pray for my family?” “Ana, would you pray for my practice?” Amazingly, THE DOCTORS WERE ALL CONVERTED!


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